I am interceding on your behalf!

God Is Shifting in the Atmosphere

My first time seed into your ministry for someone not paying for my full value for services l provided l received three times the $50 

seed I sowed. Because faith plus faith = RESULTS;  I received a harvest of $150.00 within 24 hours my hourly rate.

I had already began a three day fast with my armor bearer and released my FAITH and believed God make provision for me that my hand would prosper. I sent my prayer request to you in absolute faith when l couldn't stop weaping on your Periscope. I knew you had the apostolic anointing to push me through this battle of lost income for 1 year and five months.

You prayed with a Baal Perazim anointing 2 Samuel 2:20 a spirit of breakthrough. You declared " something is going to shift @ 9:57 pm on November 8, 2017 and @ 10:31 pm that same night within 34 miraculous minutes l receive my 1st PayPal invoice from my consulting firm for services rendered. To God be the glory. Your a blessed to the kingdom of God

—  Anonymous, Minister